Dialog Mobile Revenue Application Usage Guideline

බ්‍රහස්පතින්දා, 25 මැයි 2017 | දර්ශන: 143

  1. Visit http://www.ideamart.lk/

  2. Click on “LOGIN” button on right upper Conner.

  3. Then from new window click on “Mobile Connect Log-in”

  4. Then click on “I don't have a Dialog mobile number” from new window.

  5. Then Enter your given user name and password to the new window

  6. Then click on “Sign In” button in same window

  7. Then click on “My Applications” in Idea apps platform.

  8. Then click on “Use” in relevant app to send SMS messages

  9. Go back and use “View” to see number of subscribers.

Call me any time for more information in this regards.

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