What we need to start your Hotel website?

සෙනසුරාදා, 26 අගෝස්තු 2017 | දර්ශන: 397

  • Business name of the Hotel:
  • BR No:
  • Official address of the Hotel:
  • Telephone Numbers:
  • Mobile:
  • Land line:
  • Fax:
  • Any other:
  • Email address if any:
  • Owner name:
  • Owner NIC No (Please attached copy of NIC):
  • Owner address:
  • Owner telephone Numbers:
  • Mobile:
  • Land line:
  • Owner email address if any:
  • Domain name you wish to register (Optional):
  • Sample website address that you wish follow(Optional):
  • Document that can be used to find more information about the Hotel. Probably the hotel service information leaflets if any.
  • Images and Photos of the Hotel. Such as Logo, Premises interior and exterior photos, special event photos and any other photos and images that you wish to publish in your website.
  • Please visit http://kdktec.net/demo/bpms/property/ sample Hotel website and refer website menu items. Then send information that you think should be added to your website.
  • Please fill and send the attached Rooms details document.
  • Please fill and send the attached Facility details document.
  • Any other information you wish to publish on your Hotel website.

Please send these above mention information as softcopies as much as possible to admin@kdktec.net If you wish to send these information via currier service or by post. Address your packages to K. Dinesh Kumara, KDKTEC, 5TH Mile Post, Nannapurawa, Bibile.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us via 0702042691.

Thank you and best regards. Warmly, K Dinesh Kumara @ KDKTEC

Attachments: - Rooms details document. - Facility details document.

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